What we do?

We provide chatbots and robots with conversational skills.

Who needs that?

Companies who want to create bots with interesting things to say. The type of bots people enjoy talking with and coming back to.

Why is it useful?

Your bots can become sales rep, coaches, concierges, companions, story tellers, advisers or brand representatives, able to build long term relationships and make the right suggestion at the right time.

What makes our solution special?

The conversational skills we provide come from what people actually like saying to each other, depending on their culture and personality traits.

How do we do it?

We have created a unique database of messages used by 1,000,000 app users around the world. Our data mining environment analyses how those users communicate feelings and intents in English, Spanish and French, using those carefully crafted messages ideas.

All in all, we start with good content then see what works.

Equipped with great things to say and a sense of what works, your bots can have a positive impact as soon as they engage with users, ask the right questions at the right time, and make relevant suggestions.